Welcome to VPMM Matriculation Higher Secondary School

The Trust established this institutions in memory of a V.P. Muthaiah Pillai – Meenakshi Ammal, who initially established a V.P.M.M. Matriculation Higher Secondary School in 1993 for students in and around Srivilliputhur region.

OUR SCHOOL AIMS AT: Nuture and inspire each young person to

Our Hopes

“All our teachers and staff members provide a caring environment for all our children. We hope to provide a wide, interesting and balanced experience at school which will encourage our children to become responsible and independent members of the society.”




Groups Offered

Higher Secondary

Part I - Tamil
Part II - English
Part III - XI-XII(Group)
Group A1 - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science
Group A2 - Mathematics, Phycics, Chemistry & Biology
Group B1 - Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology
Group C1 - Commerce, Accountancy, Economics &Computer Application

English Matriculation

Part I - Tamil
Part II - English
Part III - Modern Mathematics, Phycics, Chemistry, Biology, Social science, Computer Science, Physical Education, Life- Oriented Education, value Education and Hindi

Our Features


Our Features

VPMM Academy is committed to improve the learning of children with special education needs and disability.In our provision for students,the academy will ensure:

All children with special needs ,specific learning difficultiers ,physical,emotional or social receive appropriate educational provision which will enable them to develop their potential to the full.This provision will ensure quality of opportunity by ensuring high quality education,supporting the development of personal skills and identities and by providing for the ultimate aim of preparing them,as with all students ,for full participation in society


All work and no play is surely not the order of the day at VPMM. Our students ernjoy outdoor sports like basket ball,football,volley ball and cricket that strengthen the students physically and help them to handle life,s challenges positively.Indoors,our kids love to paly a achallenging game of chess or carom or table tennis.

We conduct several outdoor and indoor sporting competitions in which our students participate with great enthusiasm. Team VPMM ,has also won several trophies in several inter – school sporting events.


Art and Design are the expression of ides,thoughts and feelings,through sensory experience in a variety of two and three dimensional media.

In Art and Design ,as in any other curriculum area,all children regardless of race ,gender,creed or ability should have equal opportunities and any materials and ideas used shold reflect this approach.


Homework can be valuable addition to the work that children do inn school.It can give children extra practice when they need it ,in the skills they have learned in school

e.g.mathematics, spelling, reading. This can increase the childrens speed and confidence and helps them to remember what they have been taught


Children will be given a wide variety of opportunities to explore cooking and Nutrition.

We believe that children should learn how to prepare and combine ingredients,showing an awareness of healthy options.

Food hygiene is paramount and should actively be taught as part of each cooking lesson.

Children will gain an understanding of where food comes from and know where and how a variety of ingredients are produced and processed.

Kinder garten and primary classes @V.P.M.M

Her’s a new vibrant, colourful, fun-filled kingdom for your little prince and princess…V.P.M.M’s all- new kindergarten section with Pre-Kg, LKG and UKG classes offer the perfect start for a bright future. There are colourfully adorned classrooms, delightful cartoons and a wide range of books and toys that would make the tiny tots feel at home.

Play–way learning with a touch of innovative, alternative teaching techniques helps to create interest in young child. Our teaching methodology helps to build on the inherent curiosity of the little ones and opens up their imagination to whole world of possibilities.